Witty-eating spoon

Attention: parents and kindergarten supervisors!

Every mother knows that one of the first significant baby skills is holding a spoon. Your baby will eat with real pleasure only when he is allowed to do it himself. He will do it when he knows how to hold a spoon and use it right while eating.

Our special skill-trainer allows you to make the process easy and amusing. Its shape is specially designed to permit only one possible finger position – the correct one. It lets the skills be acquired subconsciously.

The Witty-Eating trainer protects your child’s fingers from being hurt by the spoon’s rough edges. It can be used on a teaspoon as well as on a small tablespoon. It’s a great way to learn!

The trainer can be used for teaching a left-hander to hold a spoon in his right hand.

Recommended for children aged 2-7.

Materials: Thermoplastic Elastomer.

Hand made.