New Approach to Teaching Handwriting

Scientists, children’s doctors, and teachers say that learning handwriting plays a major role in the development of a child’s nervous system. Different brain centers that are responsible for balance, attention, speech, associative memory, and logical thinking participate and interact during the writing process. A person’s handwriting says something about his education, health, emotional state, personality, psychological equilibrium, and attentiveness.

In the past, children were taught to write with special ink pens. The quills of these pens wrote only at a certain angle and pressure, which led children to hold the pen in the right way in keeping with the centuries-old writing technique. Today, most people use ball-point pens that write at any angle and no matter how one holds the pen. As a result, most people hold pens incorrectly, grasping them tightly and bending their fingers. This leads to hand fatigue and dissatisfaction with the writing process. Yet tightness during writing can lead to mind “tightness” or blocks.

The skill-trainers Write-lt-Right & Write-lt-Left are designed to make it easier for children to learn to write. These fish-shaped attachments come in three types for teaching right and left-handers from the age of 2½ and for retraining right-handers from the age of 6-7.

The skill-trainer makes the child’s fingers hold the pencil (or pen) correctly without any effort when he or she is learning to draw and write. Our product makes writing with a pencil (or pen) very easy and comfortable.

There is no need for an adult to supervise the child, tell him how every finger should move, and control the angle between the pencil (or pen) and the paper. It’s enough to show him once or twice how to use this skill-trainer.

Traditional copy-books are not meant for teaching left-handers to write clearly. Our special skill-trainer for left-handers allows them to learn neat and beautiful handwriting.

The skill-trainer for right-handed children and adults who are already used to holding a pen improperly helps them to master correct writing skills very quickly. Here the fingers are more fixed than in the normal Write-lt-Right trainer, making it possible to correct improper writing techniques. This skill-trainer can also be useful for children with disorders of fine hand motor skills.

The skill-trainers allow one to learn the correct writing technique and, most importantly, grasp the proper angle between the pen and the paper in a subconscious way. Practice has shown that a child needs to use the trainer for only two months to master these skills. Then he can write correctly, beautifully, quickly and without fatigue without the trainer. These skill-trainers are recommended by European experts in education. American child doctors and rehabilitation therapists have also spoken highly of them.

The skill-trainers have passed psychological and teaching expert evaluations and have international quality certificates and patents. Making learning an easy and interesting task is a worthwhile cause. Let’s help our children to learn.


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