Write-It-Right & Write-It-Left

If you want to master easy, fast and fantastically beautiful handwriting, you should learn how to hold a pencil (or pen) in the correct position. This skill-trainer makes your child’s fingers hold the pencil (or pen) correctly without any effort while you are teaching him to draw and write. Our product makes writing with a pencil (or pen) very easy and comfortable!

Witty-eating spoon

Attention: parents and kindergarten supervisors!

Every mother knows that one of the first significant baby skills is holding a spoon. Your baby will eat with real pleasure only when he is allowed to do it himself. He will do it when he knows how to hold a spoon and use it right while eating.

Our special skill-trainer allows you to make the process easy and amusing. Its shape is specially designed to permit only one possible finger position – the correct one. It lets the skills be acquired subconsciously.


Feaster’s tricks

Skill-trainer for eating with chopsticks.

This trainer lets you learn to use chopsticks to look confident and feel like a pro, even if it’s your very first time in an Asian restaurant!

The skill-trainer assures a correct position for your fingers when holding the sticks. It allows you to learn how to use traditional Asian chopsticks quickly and effectively.

This trainer also develops manual dexterity and will be useful for those suffering from ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis) or recovering from a stroke.

The skills are acquired subconsciously, which means at a deeper lever of knowledge.

PC Wonder-Bracelet

Wrist protection and comfort for working with PC mouse and keyboard

If you work at your computer a lot, you may well have experienced an uncomfortable feeling in your wrist. It appears from the constant pressure on the table surface that constricts your nerve fibres and hurts your bones and cartilaginous tissue. This can lead to the notorious RSI (repetitive stress injury) – inflammation and pain of the affected tissues.


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