If you want to master easy, fast and fantastically beautiful handwriting, you should learn how to hold a pencil (or pen) in the correct position. This skill-trainer makes your child’s fingers hold the pencil (or pen) correctly without any effort while you are teaching him to draw and write. Our product makes writing with a pencil (or pen) very easy and comfortable!

There is no need for an adult to supervise the child, tell him how every finger should move, and control the angle between the pencil (or pen) and the paper. It’s enough to show him once or twice how to use this skill-trainer.

Traditional copy-books are not meant for teaching left-handers to write clearly. Our special skill-trainer for left-handers allows them to learn neat and beautiful handwriting.

We also have a special product for those children and adults (right-handed) who are already used to holding a pen improperly. It will help them to master correct writing skills very quickly. Here the fingers are more fixed than in the normal Write-it-Right trainer, and it works so effectively that you will see yourself that one really can make an old dog learn new tricks!

Recommended for teaching children over 2½ years old and, for right-hand writing correction, over 6 years old.